Stříbrný vrch Křemešník
Aisha & Cailin
Aisha & Cailin
CHS Stříbrný vrch Křemešník

Welcome to the Breeding Station Rhodesian Ridgeback Stříbrný vrch Křemešník (Silver Hill Křemešník). We are based on a beautiful spot on the Highland near the town of Pelhřimov. Our breeding station is quite new, founded in 2010, and we had our first litter this year.

The breed of Rhodesian Ridgeback caught my attention a long time ago, more than 15 years back. It was then when I first saw a big, strong, beautiful, ginger brown dog which a friend of mine tied to a pole to wait for him in front of my shop. Driven by curiosity, I went closer to have a look at the beautiful animal. Unusual, impressive appearance and especially the “weird” stripe of hair growing in the opposite direction on its back – this is how this breed was introduced to me. The breed, which I later on absolutely fell in love with. My interest infected my son who managed to get a video document, quite a rare thing at that time. We sat together in the attic of our half-finished house, hang a bed sheet in front of us and started a projector. The very first picture took our breath away – there were two astounding Rhodesian Ridgebacks, a male and a female, noble, respectable, with almost aristocratic appearance. And then more and more lovely dogs in many different situations, running, playing, relaxing in the sun.

When the document finished, we looked at each other and even though no words were said, we were sure about one thing. If we ever have a dog, it will be only Ridgeback. It took a long time before we could get the female we were so much longing for. We had to finish our house and garden and we also knew it was important to study and learn all information we could find about this breed. We knew everything about the appearance of the breed but its nature put us in two minds: originally a hunting dog, clever and intelligent but wilful and rather difficult to train. We were a bit worried that such a stubborn dog might not be suitable for us. In the end, we used our common sense, and as we have enough enthusiasm and free time, training does not present a problem for us. I have to say that we have never regretted our decision.

Our female was born in the Breeding Station Z Krajíčkovy stráně on 22 January 2008 as the first one in a nice, even litter of seven puppies. She was named Aischa. We couldn’t wait to bring her home with us two months later, when she was already socialized, taught the cleanliness and reacted to calling her name. It was not always easy at the beginning but when she was one year old I already started to think about getting another tiny little ginger girl. Luck would have it that we met a very nice breeder at one of the Rhodesian Ridgeback exhibitions and when Aischa was a year and a half old, our family had a new member, a female from Breeding Station "Od řeky Novohradky". Young Cailin was born on 20 September 2009 and she was endowed with an incredible, nice and naughtily curious character. When we brought her home in November, she was already well-behaved, obedient and cuddly. The puppies apparently got the best of care and lots of love.

Both females got used to each other very quickly and there have never been any fights, animosity or jealousy between them. They are the best of mates who always stick together.

This is how our life with dogs started and now I can’t imagine that we would be left without them. They are members of our family and we don’t do a single thing without taking them into account. They pay us back with lots of love and if there is something I regret, than it is the fact that I had not started with breeding Ridgebacks much, much earlier.