Stříbrný vrch Křemešník


Breeder: Žaneta Havlíčková, Třebíč
Owner: Dana Hávová
Breeding station: Z Krajíčkovy stráně
Date of birth: 22 January 2008
61,5 cm/32kg
Hip Dysplasia 0/0, Elbow Dysplasia 0/0
full set of teeth
Thyroid Gland – standard
breeding female
bonitation card

Female Aischa is my first dog and I can say without exaggeration that she is my “fatal” dog. The dog which a dog breeder meets once in their life – if they are lucky enough. Since she was young, she has been absolutely obedient, nice, easygoing, easily manageable, pretty in appearance, elegant, with beautiful figure and expression. Her excellent sharp nose, temperament and diligence showed us the direction we should go when training her. I became a member of Czech Rescue Dog Brigade Association in 2009. I regularly take part in trainings with my dog and we use the experience we gain in races and exams we take.


Date Kind of exam
Venue Judge
26. 04. 2009 Basic Obedience Exam (ZZO)

Pelhřimov Ing. Novotná
23. 05. 2009 Obedience Exam (ZOP)

Jihlava Mgr. Havlová
08. 11. 2009 Basic Rescue Dog Exam
Želiv Ing. Sedlák
29. 05. 2010 International Rescue Dog Exam (RH-E)
Želiv Ing. Sedlák
27. 10. 2010 Examination of Terrain Search (ZTV 1) in accordance with National Test Rules
Želiv Ing. Sedlák
21. 05. 2011 International Rescue Dog Rubble Test Level A (RH-T A)
Želiv Ms.Květ.Štibora
22. 05. 2011 Canistherapeutic Exam
Jílové u Prahy Libuše Kotková
03. 06. 2011 Exam of usability at work
Pelhřimov Emil Peitz
04. 07. 2011 Rubble Search Test in accordance with National Test Rules
Želiv Iveta Katrevová
24. 08. 2011 Tracking exam Pelhřimov
Pelhřimov Ing.Novotná
24. 11. 2011 Examination of Terrain Search Level 2 - ZTV 2

Želiv Vlastimil Petrů
10. 12. 2011 International Rescue Examination (RH-T B)
Želiv Ms.Květoslav Štibora
19. 05. 2012 International Exam of a Companion Dog (Bh)

Pelhřimov Ing. Novotná
18. 08. 2012 Special Tracking Exam according to IPO (FPr 1)
Pelhřimov Ing. Novotná
25. 08. 2012 Rescue Exam (ZZP 2)
Želiv Vlastimil Viták
08. 09. 2012 Special Exam of Usability at Work (ZPU S)
Pelhřimov Emil Peitz


Date Organized by Event and Venue Ranking
6. 6. 2010 Volunteer Firefighters Želiv - 2nd race race "The Blue Ribbon"" 1st place

Aischa is also very successful in exhibitions – she is always excellent, even though exhibiting herself is not really her hobby.

Aischa was recognised as a breeding female on 25 April 2010.

We make up for the fact that Aischa is very busy by long walks in the beautiful countryside around the place we live. While running on vast meadows, in deep forests, on clearings, fields and tracks, Aischa has always been unleashed. She has never gone too far away and when called, she has always reacted perfectly. It was when we were walking near the Křemešník Hill when we discovered tunnels, long-forgotten and half-buried in soil, where silver used to be mined in the past. Records of silver mining in this area are also to be found in the Pelhřimov Museum and this fact inspired us when we were thinking of a name for our breeding station. The day when I brought home a young, ginger, shaking bunch of happiness changed my life. Aischa is a dog for life and she has never let me down. She is always in good mood, cheerful, playful and dedicated and loving at the same time. If you think there are way too many superlatives to describe Aischa, I can assure you that she deserves them all.