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 If you opt for a puppy from our kennel, we will be very pleased. Below we would like to bring some important information.


The first days and weeks of their lives puppies will spend in the spacious wooden birthing playpen in the living room and kitchen, which will be part of any family events. They will therefore be used to a normal family life , the sounds of home appliances , small children and other animals. Once grow up , they will spend a sunny day in the garden , where you will enjoy rozhlehlého obtainable grass outside run and again, I will get used to the sounds and events outside the house ( lawn , around a passing car , etc . ).

They will get acquainted with new people , children and animals. Okusu car ride and before taking the puppies will train and walking on a leash , accompanied by his mother. We will also puppies learn basic hygiene habits and such. Summoning the sound of the whistle. After spending time with us will be pampered puppies , cuddling them, we will devote their utmost attention because they realize that the first weeks are really important for the puppy . Everything gets a puppy with us , you will bear with me for the rest of his life .

The first visit will allow the first 3 weeks of age and require at least one personal visit before the actual donation. We'd like to know the future owners personally and enable them to selection of her puppies . With the selection of suitable puppies happy to help. Puppy sell in a cage. Please note that the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback is really not suitable for year-round outdoor activities. It's a very social breed that requires the attention of man and has high demands on the move . If Ridgeback ensure adequate movement , it can behave in an apartment .


The owners of puppies we would like to keep in touch and continue selling puppies for care does not stop us . We would like to be informed about how the puppies are doing and how they grow. As well as on their successes at shows , breeding and sports, but exhibiting no other breed prevail. It is more important for us to have the new puppy owner well and was happy as his owners . Of course, we advise you not to exhibiting and breeding .

Puppies from us will go properly vaccinated, wormed regularly and tattooed (or even chipped ) . The new owners can bring their pedigree, vaccination card , purchase contract and a starter kit for facilitating the transition to a new home . The package will also feed on the week on which puppy is used , a small Layette (collar , favorite toy , a whistle to call , cd with photos ) .

In the case of early reservations puppies , prospective owners can choose the name that will be mentioned in the pedigree.